Data Exchange Layer X-Road

Last year the X-Road saved 820 years of working time.
— The Information System Authority (RIA) of Estonia

X-Road Basics

X-Road, the data exchange layer for information systems, is a technological and organizational environment enabling a secure Internet-based data exchange between information systems. The X-Road technology is used nationwide in the Estonian X-tee and in the Data Exchange Layer service.

Public and private sector enterprises and institutions can connect their information system with X-Road. Joining the X-Road enables institutions to save resources, since a cooperative and secure data exchange layer already exists with all the other X-Road members. Data exchange between all the members of the X-Road ecosystem is significantly more efficient.

Indirectly, X-Road also enables citizens and officials to operate via different portals and applications (document management systems, institutional information systems) in a more efficient and flexible manner. For example, it helps checking for relevant information in national databases or securely exchange documents with institutions.

X-Road employs a versatile security solution: authentication, multilevel authorization, a high-level log processing system, encrypted and time-stamped data traffic.

NIIS and X-Road

The following activities, among others, are undertaken by NIIS with regard to the X-Road and other core e-Government infrastructure components as decided by NIIS members:

  • management, development, verification, and audit of the source code;
  • administration of documentation;
  • administration of business and technical requirements;
  • conducting development;
  • developing and implementing principles of licensing and distribution;
  • providing second-line support for members;
  • international cooperation.